Departed God of Loar





Moral/Ethical Stance



Combat, Theft, Violence, Greed, Lust, Murder

Favored Kinds

Goblin, Hobgoblin, Bugbear, Orc, Troll, Ogre

Favored Classes

Fighter, Barbarian, Thief, Weaponmaster


This goddess almost always appears as a powerful, female ogre in full barbarian regalia. She carries a series of weapons and is sometimes referred to as a weaponmaster as well.

Before she was corrupted by Elmarah, Qin'ah was a fierce, loyal, free-spirited goddess who loved games and competition. She was initially claimed by all the goblinoid and ogrish kinds, but many supposedly rejected her after her fall. Since that time, she has dropped all but her facination with combat and now concerns herself with lustful ventures, violent greed, and other such selfish qualities.

Qin'ah can appear as any of the kinds who once served her, but most often she chooses to appear as an ogre, the most powerful of the mortal kinds.


Departed Gods:

Islands of Loar Quartet

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