Lord Extus Malichorum is an obese, disgusting human Aeromancer who rules Bethairia Island. He is the most selfish and unjust of the Council of Wind, though cunning enough to get away with it. Extus sponsors many of the more restrictive modern laws in Loar. His cousin, Valcanes, is being groomed to succeed Malichorum in the event of his death, but Extus has taken a number of steps to push that day as far off as possible. As it stands, Extus may outlive his successor.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Lord Malichorum is murdered by a rogue band of mercenaries led by a hobgoblin weaponmaster named Urghon. Urghon has the obese Lord thrown from his own mansion into the Void.


Council of Wind

Islands of Loar Quartet

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