Lashown Chartom means 'Wizard Language' and is used exclusively by wizards when casting spells.

Word - DefinitionEdit

`akkabiysh - spider

‘anan – magic, conjured

‘arach – traveler, path, road, travel, wander

coshek - dark; darkness

duwr – ball, circle

‘el - of

el/elohim - god/gods

‘esh – fire

eshel – a type of tree

gaal - abhor, loathe, consider vile

gallim – heap

har - mountain

hayah – to come to be, to begin to exist

kanaph – end, skirt, extremity

kashal - stumble

maarath - desolation

mashchiyth - trap, ruin, destruction, utter decimation

migdal - tower

merathaim – double rebellion

min – out of, from

nec – sail (possibly ‘ensign’, ‘standard’, or ‘symbol’)

nephiyl - giant

niytsowts - spark

ohad - fan

oren – a type of cedar tree

’owr - light

potamos - river

psuchros – cold, frozen

ro'sh - head, top, summit, upper part, chief, total

shamayim - heaven; sky

shelach - missile, spear, shoot

shenayim - double, two, pair

tanniyn – dragon, great serpent, giant reptile

tela’ah - travel

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