Burning BloodEdit

This spell causes a small amount of blood throughout the body to turn into a combustible acid within the blood vessels of the target. The fire and acid then burn the target from the inside out. Especially effective against trolls and other creatures susceptible to fire or acid.


Target takes damage each round equal to the difference between the Burning Blood check and the defensive (Body-based) check. The subject can attempt a new opposed check each round to negate the damage for that round, but success does not end the spell. Searing pain limits the subject to a single move action in any round when it fails its opposing check.

Burning blood does not affect creatures of the Primal Spectra, Sentient Spectra (except Body), Natural Spectra (except Chemical), or Deep Spectra (except Eldritch and Void).

The duration of the spell is equal to 1 Turn/10 of the check up to 1 minute.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+12 Burning Blood CON 6 SPI 3 0 3 4/12

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