This spell causes one or more bones to break or even shatter and fragment.


This spell causes a bone within a target to break rendering a limb unusable or causing sharp pains in the area of the broken bone that distract from any physical actions (including casting spells with somatic components). The spell does damage equal to the difference in the Boneshatter check and the opposition check. For every 10 damage done this way, the target receives a -1 to all checks requiring any physical action involving the broken bone. For every 10 points the check exceeds the opposition, another bone can be broken or the same bone can be broken additional times. If the check is more than 50 over the opposition, the bone targeted will shatter completely doing double damage as the fragments exit the body.

This spell receives a +30 bonus vs. Voidwrought skeletal creatures (creatures with a majority of their skeleton exposed). If cast using the Earth Spectrum, it will work against Earth-based constructs or elementals with a +20 bonus.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+12 Boneshatter CON 6 STR 3 0 3 4/12

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