Blunt EdgeEdit

Blunt Edge turns sharp edges into blunted ones, reducing the slashing and piercing capacity while increasing the bludgeoning capacity of a weapon.


The spell effects 1 edged melee weapon or a container (such as a quiver) of up to 50 projectiles. It severely blunts the weapon's edge so that any slicing or piercing damage gains a -1 for every d10 on the weapon's attack roll. However, if the target is weak against bludgeoning or crushing type damage, then this effect actually adds +1 for every d10 on the weapon's attack roll.

This spell has no duration as it permanently, physically transforms the weapon. However, it can be reversed by inverting the spell or by a similar transformation spell such as Microedge.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

3d10+4 Blunt Edge STR 4 BEA 3 0 17 21/24

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