Attunement Edit

The Attunement spell attunes an object such as a weapon or armor to a specific element giving it advantages and disadvantages related to that element.

Effect Edit

Any object no more than 2m in any spatial dimension and no more than 2000kg can be attuned. These values can be increased by 1 cubic meter and 1000kg for every additional 10 over the Difficulty Score of the object rolled by the Attunement check.

Attunement grants the object all base advantages and disadvantages of the attuned element.

For example, Faryn cast Attunement to Ice on Oremus' axe. The weapon now does double damage to Earth elementals but half damage to fire.

Attunement lasts for 1 minutes for every TSB. This duration can be increased by 1 minute for ever additional EDR spent. Attunement can be made permanent by an Imprint or similar spell.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+12 Attunement WIS 6 INT 3 0 3 4/12

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