Arcane LockEdit

Arcane Lock creates a powerful arcane binding of the gears of a normal lock or the mechanisms of any door, chest, or other similar barrier so that they cannot be unlocked even if you have the normal key. Only certain conditions or destroying the barrier will allow someone to pass.


Arcane Lock locks a door, chest, or other closable aperture with arcane magic. To open the barrier requires a password set by the caster at the time of casting. Even a normal key that would usually work, won't for the duration of the spell. If there is no actual lock on the door, the spell will still bind any mechanisms used to open the barrier such as door knobs, latches, or bolts. If no such mechanism exists, then the magic will form a glue-like layer between the aperture and the barrier that closes into it performing essentially the same function.

This effect can be dispelled or suppressed by more powerful spells that overcome the Arcane Lock check. The barrier can be destroyed, but there is a -20 to checks attempting to destroy a barrier with Arcane Lock holding it closed.

Arcane Lock can be made permanent by an Imprint spell or similar spell.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

2d10+3 Arcane Lock INT 5 AGL 4 0 4 7/13

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