Antimagic TouchEdit

The caster is able to remove the magic of a single touched object completely, or negate the magic of a touched object for a small amount of time.


A caster may touch any one object and remove a temporary magical effect from that object. This includes a person. The magical effect may not have a duration longer than a day. The touch only removes one magical effect There is no roll to check success. The spell works against any short duration effect no matter how powerful.

Alternatively, the caster may subdue completely a single magical effect that has a duration longer than one day up to permanent. If successfully subdued, it returns immediately to full power after a single day. To succeed, the caster of the Antimagic Touch must roll higher than half the DS of the spell or effect to be subdued.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+12 Antimagic Touch INT 8 SPI 3 0 1 12

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