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Anthrakeutic SkinEdit

This spell creates a perfect outer layer of skin made of high-density athrakeutic fiber which makes the target impervious to any external attack, whether mundane or magical, for the duration of the spell.


The skin will deflect any single attack made no matter the damage amount including hitting a planet from orbit and can deflect a number of attacks equal to the BP+TP+1 of the Anthrakeuticskin spell. For attacks to count, they must do a minimum of 10 damage. Once the number of attacks has been reached, the spell ends.

Spell ConstructionEdit

  • Spectra: Earth
  • Purpose: Defense
  • Casting Time: 1 Turn
  • Area: 1 Target
  • Range: Touch
  • Duration: 1 min/TSB or until discharged
  • Verbal Component: Ánthraka Anthrakeutic
  • Somatic Component: None
  • Material Component: Thin disk no less than 3cm in diameter of Anthrakeutic fiber.
  • EDR: BP+TP+1
  • Prerequisites: Mithrilskin has to have a minimum of 10 TSB before this spell can be learned.

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+2 Anthrakeuticskin Magecraft 2 0 0 0/2


Hero's Guild Players Handbook Home Edit

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