Acid SprayEdit

Acid Spray creates a small fan of acid that affects all creatures within the fan.  It does a small amount of Chemical Damage to all applicable targets within the area.

Quality and nature of Material Component can effect the amount of damage done or how an object within the area reacts since the MC determines the nature of the acid.

Defense against Acid Spray includes spells, armor skills (which may harm or destroy the armor), movement such as a Dodge skill, or Chemical Resistance.


Acid Spray does damage equal to the caster's Chemical Primary Characteristic to all applicable targets within the area of the spell.  The acid is not very strong and quickly dissipates in air.

The fan is in a 45 degree arc with a radius of 1m.

Acid Spray does not work under water.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+11 Acid Spray CON 7 PRC 3 0 1 2/11

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