Acid FanEdit

Acid Fan creates a 180 degree arc of acid extending out at a radius of 3m and damages all targets within the fan.

Defense against Acid Fan includes spells, armor skills (which may harm or destroy the armor), movement such as a Dodge skill, or Chemical Resistance.


The fan does 1d10 damage plus 1 for every point over the opposing defensive check. The acid damages any applicable target every round thereafter for the duration unless they succeed at a new defensive check which can be made each round. This damage is equal to the caster's Acid Fan TS modifier.

Range of Acid Fan is a 3m radius. This range can be increased by 1m for every -10 taken on the Acid Bolt check at the time of casting or for every additional 3 EDR spent at the time of casting.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+11 Acid Fan CON 7 PRC 3 0 1 2/11

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