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Social Skills relate to any type of skill necessary to interact with other characters of any kind. This may include animals, aliens, or artificial life-forms. The list of social skills is meant to include skills where confrontation happens or advantage gained is important. Whether a person is bluffing their way out of dire situation, practicing etiquette with the foreign ruler, trying to fool the guards with a disguise, or just gathering information on the streets, the skills needed to maneuver through society can be just as vicious and deadly as any weapon.

Rolled Edit

Social Skills are rolled either as an active roll or a reactive roll depending on the situation. Whomever initiates a particular action is the active roller and the reactive roller is the person responding. This may change multiple times over the course of a single encounter, but generally Social Skill rolls are opposed to other Social Skill rolls. Learning new Specialized Social Skills only requires the character to roll equal to or above the DS of the skill a number of times equal to the DS whether or not that roll actually succeeds against the opposing roll or DS:

Active Roll: 1d10 + Y

Reactive Roll: 1d10 + Y

Highest roll succeeds.


Skill Name



Misc. Modifiers




1d10+19 Social PRS 5 2 1 11 12/17
For example, Jayela is about to be arrested by some Council guards. She tries to sweet talk her way out of the situation by name dropping (+2 Modifier) and some implied promises later. She rolls a 4 and adds 19 for a total of 23. The guards use the opposed check, Sense Motive, and each gets a roll. The first rolls a 14, but the second rolls a 24. Jayela is unable to convince the second guard to let her go. However, she has gained one success towards learning the Bluff Skill.

Typical and Specialized Social Skills Edit

  • Disguise, Etiquette, Investigation, Fauna Interaction, Intimidation, Perform (various kinds), Persuasion, Sense Motive

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