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Ranged combat is physical combat using any type of projectile weapon. This includes spears, bows, crossbows, guns, and energy weapons. It does not include spells at range (see Magecraft for how spells are flung). When a specific ranged weapon or combat maneuver is unfamiliar to the character, they roll this instead until the Difficulty Score (DS) of the ranged weapon or maneuver is achieved.

No Secondary Characteristic, Weapon Bonuses or other benefits from the weapon apply until at least 1 BP or TP is applied to the Specific Skill.

Rolling Edit

Ranged combat is rolled simply:

Active Roll: 1d10 + Y selected Ranged Combat Skill

Reactive Roll: 1d10 + Y selected Physical Defense Skill.

Highest roll succeeds.


Skill Name






1d10+9 Ranged Combat AGL 4 1 4 3/9
For example, Marli uses a set of bolas thrown at her earlier. It is a weapon she has never used before. She attempts to hit an approaching guinenkey with the bolas and rolls a 0 then a 3 for a total roll of 13. Adding her +9 she gets a 22. The guinenkey rolls a dodge with a total of 14. The bolas wrap up the guinenkey. Marli has also rolled over the DS of bolas, which is a 13 so she only needs to roll over a 13 twelve more times to learn to use the bolas.

Typical and Specialized Ranged Skills Edit

  • Any specific type of ranged weapon can be a skill such as longbows, short spears, or throwing daggers.

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