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Movement skills relate to any non-combat action that requires a character to move about with some chance of failure. This often pits the player against the environment they find themselves in. Whether they are swimming across a river in full plate armor or jumping across a pit of fiery lava, the player might not get to where they are going. They need to roll a Movement Skill check to find out.

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Movement checks are typically intuitive moves, but benefit from training as well. Whenever explicit training in a Specialized Movement Skill has not been done yet, then the generic Movement Skill is used. Movement is rolled against an environment-based Difficulty Score. To learn a Specialized Movement Skill, the roll must exceed the DS of the skill a number of times equal to the DS regardless if the check itself is successful against the environment DS:

Active Roll: 1d10 + Y selected Movement Skill

vs. DS of the environment.


Skill Name






1d10+13 Movement AGL 4 1 8 1/13
For example, Amirith needs to scale the wall of some ruins to see who is currently occupying it, but has never bothered much with climbing. The DS of the wall is 14. He rolls a 7 for a total of 20 and is able to scale the wall.

Typical and Specialized Movement Skills Edit

  • Acrobatics, Climb, Escape, Jump, Open Lock, Run, Ride, Steal, Stealth, Swim

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