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Mental Defense is any skill roll that involves protecting the mind or soul from magical, spiritual, or even social actions that attack the mind. This may be mind control, despair, intimidation, or even a wily shopkeeper trying to take advantage of the character. When a specific Mental Defense skill is unfamiliar to the character, they roll this instead until the Difficulty Score (DS) of the specific Mental Defense is achieved.

It is important to note that Mental Defenses are largely instinctive and a Mental Attack almost always encounters some resistance from the appropriate specialized Mental Defense Skill, even if it isn't trained yet. Specialized Mental Defense Skills can be trained as well, but it takes a skilled tutor to do so without leaving lasting harm on the student's mind.

Rolled Edit

Mental Defense is rolled the same way Physical Defense is rolled and is always considered a reactive roll which is rolled second:

Active Roll: 1d10 + Y selected Mental Attack Skill

Reactive Roll: 1d10 + Y selected Mental Defense Skill.

Highest roll succeeds.


Skill Name






1d10+11 Mental Defense WIS 9 2 0 1/11

For example, Doogan is attacked by an unknown mental assault from a Semachis Mindwarper. It rolls a 19 for the attack. Luckily, Doogan rolls a 9 and scores a total of 20 on his instinctive Mental Shield. He is barely able to throw off the attack without being affected.

Typical and Specialized Mental Defense Skills Edit

  • Mental Shield, Mental Maze, Mental Illusion, Mental Counterstrike and other arcane defenses.
  • Armored Soul, Fathomless Soul, Eternal Anchor, Embrace of Angels and other spiritual defenses.
  • Concentration, Motive Sense, Diplomacy, Emotional Fortitude and other social defenses.

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