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Magecraft is actually a bit more complicated than simple Physical Combat. There are a number of things that magic does that have nothing to do with combat at all. Each spell that is cast, however, is treated as a separate skill and so is rolled the same way as any other skill check. Sometimes spells are opposed checks against other characters. This can either be as the active, offensive roll, or as a reactive defensive roll in a spell vs. spell contest. Sometimes they are against a Difficulty Score for something complex that needs to be done by the spell. On a number of occasions, the skill check for a spell is merely to determine the level of success the spell has in completing the task at hand.

However to even cast spells, one has to learn the craft. That is where the Magecraft general skill comes in. Magecraft is the skill used when learning new aspects of spell casting. Whether it is a new Spectrum (such as fire, water, or other elements), or a new Purpose (aid, damage, or enchant), or a new Aspect (shape range, or form), Magecraft is the skill used to learn them.

Magecraft is also used to learn new spells once they have been constructed. A generic Magecraft Roll determines whether a spell is learned. To learn a spell, the Spellcaster rolls a Magecraft check verses a DS of the spell. If the check succeeds, the Spellcaster gains the spell as a Skill on their list and may start gaining XP normally. For spells, Secondary Characteristics may be used immediately, even with no TP.

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Learning a new Spectrum, Purpose, or Aspect of spell casting or constructing a new spell is always rolled against a Difficulty Score as listed in Chapter 6 - Mystical Skills.

Active Roll: 1d10 + Y selected Spectrum, Purpose, Aspect, or Spell to learn.

Reactive Roll: 1d10 + Y DS (cost) of the Spectrum, Purpose, Aspect, or Spell.


Skill Name






1d10+8 Magecraft SPI 5 1 2 3/8

For example, Amirith is attempting to learn a new shape for his spells called Fan of Force. The DS to learn the fan shape is 14. Amirith rolls a 16 and successfully casts one of his most basic foundations, Arcane, as a fan of arcane force. He now adds the Fan of Force spell to his skill list:


Skill Name






1d10+9 Fan of Force Magecraft 8 0 1 0/9

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