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Knowledge is a non-combat related skill check that covers anything related to lore or education. If a character has formally or informally picked up information about anything: region, culture, science, magic, rare artifacts, or the best restaurants on Pulon Island, then this is the appropriate skill.

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A Knowledge Check is specific to a certain limited category, otherwise, the basic Knowledge Skill check is rolled to create a new specific category as the character studies up on the subject. When rolling in a specific category, the score determines the level of knowledge on that topic.

5 - uneducated; common folk knowledge; usually wrong and full of assumptions

10 - some knowledge; less prone to assumptions and error, but actual knowledge is scant

15 - above average; able to hold a conversation about the topic

20 - learned; able to teach the common folk rudiments of the topic

25 - well educated; knows enough to hold classes with a depth of knowledge to pass on

35 - expert; knows enough to research and experiment in order to add to the knowledge base

45 - master; reputation for knowledge of the subject; consulted regionally because of knowledge

55 - scholar; continental renown for knowledge; only the most hidden secrets or most esoteric bits of trivia escape you concerning the topic

65 - sage; you might as well have been there, seen that, done that, and got the t-shirt

100 - essentially omniscient about this particular topic; nobody knows more than you do, nor could they


Skill Name






1d10+19 Knowledge INT 4 1 11 16/19

Amirith Daarcphyre is meeting with Lady Amilorisan of Netterhall. He is required to sit through a formal dinner while a bunch of dignitaries, functionaries, and sycophants joust through a complicated dance of etiquette and protocol. He has never been much for the formality of the nobles and so knows next to nothing about the situation. He rummages through his brain, not so much to join the fray, but to glean something of meaning from their innuendo-filled fencing. He rolls a 24 and catches enough useful information to report back to his friends not empty handed.

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