Goods, Material, and Components Edit

Dungeoneering Gear Edit

Name Assoc. Skill Bonus Weight Cost
Backpack 2 lbs 20a
Bag, carry 1 lb 500n
Bag, saddle 2 lbs 2a
Barding, Large Mounted Combat - Defense +10 200lbs 200c
Barding, Medium Mounted Combat - Defense +6 100lbs 50c
Bedroll Camping +2 5 lbs 100n
Bell, tiny brass .25 lb 10a
Bit and Bridle Riding - Ground +2 2 lbs 10a
Blanket, Heavy Camping +1 3 lbs 500n
Block and Tackle Fishing +3 5 lbs 50a
Candle .1 lb 10n
Case, scroll <Knowledge Checks> +1 .5 lb 10a
Chain (3m) 2 lbs 300a
Chalk -- 10n
Crowbar Leverage +8 5 lbs 20a
Destrachor, mount 1200 lbs 4c
Dog, Guard 75 lbs 60a
Dog, Riding 100 lbs 200a
Donkey (or mule) 1000 lbs 80a
Dungeoneer's Tools Device Manipulation;

Investigation; Dungeoneering

+5 1 lb 300a
Feed, Dog/14 days 1 lb 1a
Feed, Horse/14 days 5 lbs 5a
Firewood 20 lbs 10n
Fishhook Fishing +1 -- 100n
Fishing Net Fishing +4 5 lbs 40a
Flask, metal 1 lb 3a
Flask, wood 1 lb 300n
Flint and steel Camping +5 .5 lb 10a
Grappling hook Climbing +10 4 lbs 10a
Hammer & Chisel Archeology; Sculpting +5 3 lbs 500n
Horse, large 1500 lbs 3c
Horse, small 1000 lbs 1c
Horse, war 2000 lbs 10c
Jug, Clay 9 lbs 30n
Jug, Metal 13 lbs 300n
Ladder, metal (3m) Climbing +10 10 lbs 5a
Ladder, wood (3m) Climbing +10 20 lbs 50n
Lamp, bullseye 3 lbs 120a
Lamp, hooded 2 lbs 70a
Lamp, standard 1 lb 100n
Lock 1 lb 200a
Manacles 2 lbs 150a
Mirror, steel .5 lb 100a
Mirror, glass .5 lb 10c
Mug/Tankard, clay 1 lb 20n
Mug/Tankard, metal 1 lb 200n
Mug/Tankard, wood .5 lb 10n
Oil, cooking (500mL) 1 lb 100n
Oil, lamp (500mL) 1 lb 1a
Pick, small Device Manipulation +3 10 lbs 30a
Pitcher, clay 5 lbs 20n
Pitcher, metal 5 lbs 200n
Pitcher, wood 4 lbs 10n
Piton Climbing +1 .5 lb 100n
Pole, 10-foot 8 lbs 200n
Pony, mountain 800 lbs 840a
Pony, riding 700 lbs 600a
Pot, iron Cooking +7 10 lbs 500n
Pouch, belt .5 lb 10a
Rations, trail 1 lb 500n
Rope, hemp Climbing +3 10 lbs 10a
Rope, silk Climbing +5 5 lbs 100a
Sack, linen .5 lbs 100n
Sack, cotton .25 lbs 1a
Saddle, flying Riding - Flying Mount +5 20 lbs 160a
Saddle, large Riding - Land Mount +5 40 lbs 50a
Saddle, racing Riding - Land Mount +6 10 lbs 60a
Saddle, small Riding - Land Mount +2 20 lbs 20a
Saddle, war Riding - Land Mount +12 35 lbs 120a
Sea Travel/mile -- 100n
Sealing wax 1 lb 10a
Sewing needle Tailoring +2 -- 500n
Shovel 8 lbs 20a
Signet ring -- 50a
Sledge 10 lbs 10a
Soap 1 lb 500n
Spyglass 1 lb 10c
Tent Camping +5 20 lbs 100a
Torch 1 lb 10n
Vial .1 lb 10a
Waterskin 4 lbs 10a
Whetstone 1 lb 20n
Whistle -- 800n

Alchemist & Artificer Gear Edit

Name Assoc. Skill Bonus Purpose Weight Cost
Alchemist's Table Alchemy +20 Provides stable workspace for alchemy 100 lbs 50c
Acid (10mL) Acid Spells +0 Damage; dissolve metals .1 lb 10a
Antitoxin (10mL) First Aid - vs Poison +5 Used against various toxins such as poison. .1 lb 50a
Blessed Water (10mL) Used against voidwrought and as a spell component. .1 lb 25a
Caltrops Ground Movement -10 Slows ground movement;

damages feet

1 lb 1a
Chemlight Rod Provides longer, brighter light than torch; light fires .5 lb 20a
Chest, metal lg Device Manipulation DS - 30 50 lbs 400a
Chest, metal sm Device Manipulation DS - 30 20 lbs 100a
Chest, wood lg Device Manipulation DS - 25 25 lbs 200a
Chest, wood sm Device Manipulation DS - 25 10 lbs 50a
Clingfire (100mL) .1 lb 20a
Clock, Mechanical 5 lbs 2c


1 lb 30a
Flashbang Disk Blind and/or deafen 10m radius .5 lb 300a
Signal Stick .5 lb 200a
Tangletrap Entangle's target 2 lb 500a

Clothing & Sundries Edit

Name Assoc. Skill Bonus Purpose Weight Cost
Clothing, Commoner Streetwise +5 3 lbs 10a
Clothing, Entertainer Perform +5 4 lbs 375a
Clothing, Merchant Mercantilism +5 6 lbs 750a
Clothing, Noble Courtier +5 10 lbs 900a
Clothing, Peasant 2 lbs 300n
Clothing, Royal Governing +5 15 lbs 2c
Clothing, Scholar <Knowledge> +2 Filled with pockets for study equipment such as paper, mag. glass, pencils, etc. 4 lbs 50a
Clothing, Smith <Smithing> +2 Protects the wearer from heat

and stray sparks

5 lbs 10a
Instrument, musical Perform 3 lbs 50a
Sailing equipment Sailing
Scale, merchant Mercantilism +5 1 lb 20a

Crafting Materials Edit

Name Assoc. Skill Bonus Purpose Weight Cost
Barrel (empty) 30 lbs 20a
Basket (empty) 1 lb 400n
Bottle (glass) .25 lb 20a
Bucket, metal 2 lbs 500n
Bucket, wood 4 lbs 50n
Canvas 1 lb 100n
Hourglass Time keeping, short duration 1 lb 250a
Ink (1mL) -- 80a
Inkpen -- 100n
Magnifying glass
Paper -- 400n
Parchment -- 200n

Mystical Components Edit

Name Assoc. Skill Bonus Purpose Weight Cost
Pouch, components Magecraft -- Carries and protects spell components .25 lbs 2a
Priest's Raiment Spiritualism +2 Provides an easing of distractions of the world. 2 lbs 40a
Religious Symbol, steel Spiritualism +5 Acts as a focus for Spiritualists 1 lb 5a
Religious Symbol, wood Spiritualism +2 Acts as a focus for Spiritualists .25 lb 50n
Spellbook, blank Magecraft +5 Used by wizards to enhance spells for the day 4 lbs 150a

Rare Materials Edit

Name Description Weight Cost DS Modifier
Aetherpine, lumber Standard 2x4, lightweight wood 1 lb/ft 3a +10
Atalléf Used for tea and Air spells. .1 lb 5n
Barka root Farming assistant; Flora spells 1 root 100n
Blowflower Dye; Illusion and Air spells .1 lb 100n
Dawnstar lily Dye; Illusion and Fire spells .1 lb 2a
Deep-oak, lumber Standard 2x4, Earth component 3 lbs/ft 17a +40
Ghostwillow, leaves Used in calming tea or potions;

Spirit spells

.1 lb 70n
Ghostwillow, lumber Standard 2x4, translucent wood 1.25 lbs/ft 35a +25
Gore creeper Aberration 1 root 2c
Hollywrath Multiple alchemical and magical uses. 1 flower 50a
Ice-shaver thorns Aberration hunting 1 root 90a
Maplesong, leaves sweet tea; sweetener; spell component .1 lb 460n
Maplesong, lumber Standard 2x4, preservation;

mechanical instruments

1.5 lbs/ft 12a +16
Maplesong, sap sweetener; spell component 3 lbs/L 1a
Sideron metal high density metal; magnetic; prone to rust 1lb 1a 0
Starflower, petals spell component .1 lb 30n
Starflower, seeds food; salt content 1 lb 500n
Tucolu trees, lumber Standard 2x4, greenish-grey color 2.2 lbs/ft 22a +5
World Shard, Air Aeromancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 230a
World Shard, Body Biomancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 2c
World Shard, Earth Geomancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 11a
World Shard, Fire Pyromancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 400n
World Shard, Mind Neuromancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 6c
World Shard, Nature Nature focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 132a
World Shard, Soul Auramancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 100c
World Shard, Water Hydromancy focus, spell storing, component .1 lb 8a

Tool Sets Edit

Name Assoc. Skill Bonus Purpose Weight Cost
Actor's Kit Disguise; Perform +10 Makeup, wigs, etc. 5 lbs 500a
Apprentice Tools, mage Magecraft +5 Basic necessities to apprentice to a wizard 20 lbs 1c
Carpenter's Tools Carpentry +10 All tools necessary to do basic carpentry 75 lbs 780a
Climbing Gear Climbing +10 Tools to assist in climbing 15 lbs 112a
Engineering Tools,


Architecture; Engineering +10 Tools for design and construction of buildings 500 lbs 5c
Engineering Tools,

siege weapons

Siege Weapon Design & Construction +10 Tools for design and construction of siege weapons 500 lbs 1c
Engineering Tools,


Transportation Construction +10 Tools for design and construction of basic forms of land transport 500 lbs 3.5c
First Aid Kit Healing +10 Herbs, bandages, salves to aid in physical healing 3 lbs 500n
Gemcraft Tools Gemcraft +10 Tools for inspecting, cutting, polishing, installing gems 10 lbs 75a
Herbalist Tools Herbalism +10 Tools for collecting and preserving herbs 2 lbs 3a
Leatherworking Tools Leatherworking +10 Tools for curing and working leather 6 lbs 344a
Mining Tools Mining +10 Tools for gathering mineral resources 50 lbs 250a
Smelting Tools Smelting +10 Tools for setting permanent smelting shop 3000 lbs 4c
Smith's Forge Metalsmithing +10 Tools for setting permanent forge 3000 lbs 15c
Smith's Forge, travel Metalsmithing +5 Tools for smaller, portable forge 500 lbs 5c
Tailoring Tools Tailoring +10 Tools for making clothing and other cloth items 30 lbs 685a
Trapper Tools Trapping; Skinning; Leatherworker +10 Tools for hunting animals. 23 lbs 48a

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