The last set of skills are broken into two categories, social and movement. Each skill is largely independent of other skills and do something unique, but some may affect combat or be used in combat, while others may benefit other skills.

Social Skills Edit

Social skills are skills used in relating to other characters in the game. This can be in or out of combat situations, but aren't directly related to causing damage or producing physical or magical effects.

More often than not, social skills are based on the more mental characteristics rather than the physical. Listed below are the social skills with a brief description and the Base Characteristics used for the skill.

Skill Name Description Primary Characteristic Secondary Characteristic
Accounting Counting things and seeing the flow in and out of those numbers. INT PRC
Administration Running organizations of people. WIS PRC, PRS
Appraise Determine the market value of objects. INT PRC
Artist Create paintings, sculptures, or other forms of physical art. INT PRC, PRS
Astrology Read the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies to determine past, present, and future. SPI PRC
Camping Set up campfires, camp spacing, and related concepts. INT WIS
Cartography Create maps and charts. INT PRC
Conversation Ability to speak to people in an ongoing fashion to build relationships or gather information from them. PRS PRC, SPI
Cosmetology Ability to change a person's appearance using makeup, hairstyling, and similar techniques. INT PRC, WIS
Cryptography Ability to read and write in obscure and ancient languages. INT PRC
Diplomacy Ability to arbitrate disputes, talk down violence, and bring about trust. WIS PRC, PRS
Disguise The ability to dress, speak, and act like something you are not. PRS BEA, PRC
Education The ability to learn and to teach others. INT WIS
Espionage Ability to infiltrate a foreign population, find out information about the government, and plant information. INT PRC, PRS
Etiquette Ability to act according to social norms in a given situation. PRS PRC
First Aid Ability to render medical attention to halt bleeding, slow poisons or other toxins, or bring a person back to life through natural means. INT SPI
Forestry Ability to understand forested terrain and climates. WIS PRC, SPI
Forgery Ability to create documents that appear legal. AGL PRC
Gambling Ability to participate in games of chance and skill. INT PRC
Handle Animal Ability to understand and manipulate the emotions of animals. WIS PRS, SPI
Hunt Ability to find, follow, kill, dress, and preserve animals. WIS CON, PRC
Improvisation Ability to act on spur of the moment context in character. INT PRC, PRS, SPI
Interrogation Ability to gain useful, true information from a prisoner. WIS CON, PRC, PRS
Intimidate Ability to cause fear in someone so that they act in your favor. PRS WIS, STR
Investigation Ability to seek information from various sources. PRC WIS
Knowledge [] Ability to know things about specific topics (taken multiple times.) INT PRC
Linguist Ability to understand spoken languages, roots, and history of words. INT WIS
Lore Know things about legendary, mythical, magical, or historical items, locations, people and the like. Mundane form of Lore Spell. INT PRC, WIS
Mathematics Ability to calculate using various mathematical disciplines. INT PRC
Mountaineering Ability to understand mountainous terrain. INT CON, PRC
Navigation Ability to use landmarks or celestial bodies to move about the world or universe. INT PRC, WIS
Oratory Public speaking, able to sway large masses of people. WIS PRS, SPI
Perform A variety of actions including acting, playing a mechanical instrument, story telling, and the like. PRS BEA, CON, PRC
Persuade The ability to change the mind of another person to agree with you based on a combination of conversation, action, and incentives. PRS BEA, PRC
Religion [] Knowledge and observance of a particular set of rituals, beliefs, and rules for life. INT, SPI WIS
Research INT PRC, WIS
Romance PRS BEA, SPI
Science [] INT PRC, WIS
Sense Motive PRC, WIS SPI
Smuggling WIS INT
Speak Language INT AGL
Streetwise WIS PRC, PRS
Surgeon INT PRC
Surveillance PRC INT
Survival WIS INT, CON
Tactics WIS INT, PRC
Use Magic Device INT PRC
Ventriloquism AGL INT

Movement Skills Edit

Movement skills are any skills that require the movement of the physical body. Many of these skills have applications in combat or in social settings as well, but are more broad than those two particular categories. These skills are based more on the physical characteristics than the mental ones.

Skill Name Description Primary Characteristic Secondary Characteristic
Acrobatics AGL CON
Athletics AGL, STR CON, PRC
Balance AGL CON, STR
Burrowing STR CON
Concentration CON PRC
Escape Artist AGL CON
Fastdraw AGL INT
Flying AGL CON
Juggle AGL CON
Locks and Traps AGL INT
Seafaring INT, WIS AGL
Sleight Of Hand AGL INT
Stealth AGL WIS
Tumble AGL PRC
Use Rope AGL PRC

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