Chapter 1 - Creature Kinds Edit

The very first question to ask is, what kind of creature do you want to play?

Kind Edit

What is a kind, you ask? Kind describes what you are biologically speaking. Some refer to it as race or species, but these terms aren't used here at the Guild because they are either absurd or ill-defined. We prefer the more general term 'kind' as in 'what kind of creature are you'? There are a vast number of kinds, limited only by our imaginations. We have provided the most prominent in the Hero's Guild multiverse-related to fantasy-based stories, particularly the worlds of Majarcania and Loar.

At character creation, each Kind has certain bonuses and limitations. The Director's Guide will cover how these bonuses and limitations are arrived at for making new playable Kinds, but for now, the listed Kinds will just give the bonuses to Base Characteristics, Skills, Traits and Foibles in the Character Building section. Skills, Traits, and Foibles are assigned because of Kinds and are not part of any purchasing at character creation.

Basic Kinds Edit

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Chapter 1 - Creature Kinds Edit

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