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This page is, as the link and title clearly state, optional. The purpose here is to give those who want more of a framework, or perhaps are new to table top gaming and need more of a framework, to help define their character. These classes are listed here based on the world in Hero's Guild lore that they come from, though many will link to the same page.

Loar Classes Edit





Majarcanian Classes Edit

Enochian Classes Edit

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Chapter 1 - Creature Kinds Edit

Chapter 2 - Base Characteristics Edit

Chapter 3 - Skills Edit

Chapter 4 - Traits and Foibles Edit

Chapter 5 - Physical Combat Skills Edit

Chapter 6 - Mystical Skills Edit

Chapter 7 - Equipment Edit

Chapter 8 - Crafting Edit

Chapter 9 - Social and Movement Skills Edit

Chapter 10 - Optional ClassesEdit

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