Departed God of Loar





Moral/Ethical Stance



Deceit, Vanity, Jealousy, All Forms of Evil, Technology

Favored Kinds

None (despises humans particularly)

Favored Classes

Thief, Artificer, Assassins, Wizard


She is pictured as supremely beautiful but marred by a constant look of hatred and violence on her face. Nothing else is known beyond this and her gender.

Not much surives concerning Elmarah other than the almost instinctive hatred all kinds have for her. She is remembered by all as the goddess of deceit, vanity, jealousy, and all forms of evil. In spite of any evidence to the contrary, she is also credited with the introduction of technology to the world. Through it she turned the heart of Taphal to stone and corrupted Qin'ah.

A common phrase for someone who takes the opposite position in an argument though they do not hold to that position is 'Elmarah's Advocate' given her reputation for deceit.


Departed Gods:

Islands of Loar Quartet

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