Departed God of Loar





Moral/Ethical Stance



Spiders, Plots, Entanglements, the Underworld, Death

Favored Kinds


Favored Classes

Any who are efficient at killing or weaving intricate plots and deceptions.


Always appears with at least some characteristics of spiders from a giant spider with hundreds of legs to a vaguely human-shaped body with prominent spider features.

Cedijok is likely the most feared of all the departed gods and some believe he still has somewhat to do with the world. He is always depicted as some sort of spidery creature, but with various forms including one that looks almost humanoid. He is a god of plots, entanglements, and the underworld, the god of the dead whose web all eventually are ensnared.

Legends place that Cedijok was raised to immortality by Elmarah and is as evil as she but more chaotic in his approach to the world given that he ensares anyone despite their moral actions and inclinations.


Departed Gods:

Islands of Loar Quartet

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